F35 Assembly


American Precision processes assemblies for the F35 program noted below.
We are proficient and fully tooled to process theses specifications.

  • LMA-PB001-Bolt, Screw, and Nut Installation
  • LMA-PB004-Rivet and Fastener Installation
  • LMA-PB006-Swaging Grommets
    (Grommet PN JSFE01C4 and JSFE01C5, Sizes -3 thru -20)
  • LMA-PB008-Eddie Bolt Installation
  • LMA-PB019-Fastener Sealing and Installation
  • LMA-PB023-Bearing Installation
  • LMA-PB027-Screw and Threaded Inserts
  • LMA-PB033-Bushing Installation
  • LMA-PB037-Cold Expansion Fittings
    (Trained & Certified to Perform this assembly process and tooled for fitting sizes -12 through -40 in aluminum and titanium for both the standard and extended versions since 2009)
  • LMA-PB045-Captive Screw Installation

  • LMA-PB076-Insert Installation
  • LMA-PK004-Clickbond Bonded Nutplates
    (Trained & Certified to perform this assembly process since 2004)
  • 2ZZP00010-JSF Electrical Bonding and Testing
  • 2ZZP00026-Application of Seals, Spacers, and Gaskets


Integrating Working Together as well as Technological Innovation

The F-35 development technique has normally been called an ensemble where reliable manufacturing concepts, future generation tooling tactics along with an exceptionally trained employees carry out all together to create unmatched capabilities with regard to United States and allied forces.


Over 300,000 distinct elements entirely come together to produce the F-35 Lightning II at the Lockheed Martin’s mile+-long manufacturing plant within Fort Worth, Texas. Moreover, finishing construction as well as look through is usually performed over at locations within Cameri, Italy and Nagoya, Japan.


f35 assemblyThe F-35 assembly program brings together the entire world’s most experienced aerospace sector pioneers, consisting of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Solutions and Pratt & Whitney. The world wide staff in addition includes much more than 1,400 manufacturers from domestic and worldwide organizations throughout the world. This particular landmark job integrates crew expertise with innovative engineering, engineering and scientific functionalities.


F-35 Technique

The F-35 assembly technique is based upon flow-to-takt engineering utilization. Flow-to-take is the activity from component installations, just like wings and also ahead fuselages, from just one establish location to the next at a speed equivalent to the delivery rates. This particular development cycle escalates efficiencies, decreases expenditures and lessens period times while integrating the shipment of parts, time of projects and also placement of employees to accomplish standard employed in every line slot.


The F-35 assembly strategy is already paying tremendous proceeds. Development learning arcs are definitely trumping heritage airplanes like the F-16. Rates have fallen 62 percent since the procurement of the first production aircraft, and the moment it requires to assemble the F-35 has actually been reduced by close to part. As the F-35 organizes to get into complete speed production, these types of key manufacturing signs are projected to continuously greatly improve.


F-35 Assembly

F-35 prime assembly builder Lockheed Martin is extending the storage capacity of its one-mile, 25-foot long airplane assembly line facility at this site in this way it is capable of generating close to 200 jets yearly by the finish of 2019.


The F-35 assembly program will likely multiply its airplanes fabrication as well as fielding rate by 2019, making about 120 planes yearly. It will supply approximately 43 airplanes the upcoming year.


Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is literally ramping up to a total of 16 companion facilities at full rate production (FRP) through its 9 present companion facilities, company F-35 Business Development Manager Kevin McCormick said Oct. 28 regarding a trip of the establishment. McCormick claimed a companion facility is where Lockheed Martin delivers the four primary parts of the airframe all together: onward, middle and aft bodies and jet airfoils. McCormick mentioned by the time the last of the buddy stations is in place by 2018, Lockheed Martin are going to go to complete ability.


The organization producers the forward fuselage and wings in Fort Worth whilst subcontractors BAE Systems helps make the aft body in the United Kingdom also Northrop Grumman [NOC] generates the facility fuselage in Palmdale, Calif. McCormick said Lockheed Martin utilizes a camera and laserlight alignment unit to get these four significant factors adjusted in a three-dimensional space to reduce steps along with openings. By doing this, the business avoids these from becoming radar mirrors and also makes the plane low visible.


McCormick claimed Lockheed Martin is certainly extending the wing line on the production line to make it less complicated for the business to grab the airplane and relocate to various other peer facilities. It presently uses a wing rotation to shift the airplane amongst friend sites.