Lee Plug Installation

Lee Plug Installation

Lee Plug Installation – American Precision specializes in the installation of lee plugs and lee jets to various specifications.

Our company is a certified Parker supplier for installation of Lee Plugs per Parker BPS4308 specification.

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Lee Plug Installation

Lee Plug Installation expansion plugs seal fluid passages leak-tight, without making use of O-rings, threads, and sealants. It is easily probably the most efficient technique of securing punched openings in crucial installations. Over 100 million Lee Plugs have already been applied in aircraft, rockets, spacecraft, and other state-of-the-art hydraulic systems which need a long-lasting leak-tight seal.

Lee Plug expansion plugs are offered in three types:

Lee Plug Installation

Threaded Plugs
Along with our expansion plug family group, Lee provides threaded A.F.O. and Double Sealing A.F.O. plugs for increased forces as much as 56,000 psi. Either are used in NACE Certified editions to suit the particular requirements of the oil and gas professions.

A.F.O. (Axial Force Only) Plugs present a leak-tight, metal-to-metal seal in higher-pressure/high-temperature manifold functions. Created to get equally detachable and reusable, the plugs provide a distinct drifting seal which self-aligns to reduce galling.

The authentic Lee Plug is offered in little and extensive Lee Plug versions in a series of English dimensions from 0.093″ dia. to 0.656″ dia., and in metric dimensions from 2.5 mm to 8.0 mm. An assortment of traditional material combos are offered.

The High-Strength Lee Plug is primarily made for high-pressure operations and has been optimised for utilization in high-strength/high-hardness building materials, including the precipitation hardenable metal titanium.

Dual Sealing A.F.O. (Axial Force Only) Plugs include an O-ring for venting out. Tension may be vented from a side vent to eliminate air directly from a hydraulic device, or properly discharge entraped stressful gas.

Lee Plug RFO ® (Radial Force Only).
The Lee Plug RFO is developed to seal off holes in narrow walls or delicate components. Created to become quickly detachable, the plug doesn’t demand a support shoulder and the replacement method makes sure that zero downward tension is put on the item.-